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Beat the Heat: Tips for Floating

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Summer is in full swing and there is no better way to cool off then a float on the river. Like many areas along the Deschutes, Sunriver is a popular location for floating. However, it comes with some limitations and long float times.

Most floaters use Harper Bridge as a launching location to Besson Day use, Canoe Take-Out and Benham Falls Day Use areas. Though scenic, parking is often limited and private property restricts take out & rest stops to specified locations only (Besson, Canoe Take-out and Benham Falls).

But rest assured here are some tips and tricks for floating like a pro!

1. START EARLY: Want to avoid limited parking and long float times in the heat of the day? Get an early start! Be at your desired launching location by 9:30am and on the water by 10am to avoid crowds and limited parking.

2. LESSER KNOWN LOCATIONS: Consider floating the Little Deschutes River. It has four public access sites with about 2 hours between each section. Floating with small children? These floats might be a more desirable option with shorter float times and more take out opportunities.

3. WEAR A LIFE JACKET: All children 12 and younger are required to wear a life jacket and older boaters must carry a life jacket. Rivers can be unpredictable and safety is always the best policy.

4. LAKES, LAKES, LAKES: Parking got you down? Head to one of the many nearby lakes and get your float on! Elk Lake, South Twin Lake, Paulina Lake and East Lake are all great options for a day of floating. CLICK HERE FOR LOCAL LAKES MAP

5. BRING WATER: Be prepared for a long day in the sun and stay hydrated.

6. CARPOOL: Meet at a location with ample parking and carpool to your desired floating location.

7. STICK TO PUBLIC ACCESS SITES: Don’t take-out on private property. It is considered trespassing to launch/take-out on private land along the float, including private docks and marinas. Public access sites include the following: Besson Day use, Canoe Take-Out and Benham Falls Day Use areas only. Be prepared, map out your float and take-out locations before getting in the water.

For more details on floating, river access and water adventures near Sunriver: CLICK HERE

Most of all be safe and fun. Float on!


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