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Meet the Natives

Nature is a large part of the Sunriver experience. Deer and elk are plentiful in Sunriver, and share the community with residents and visitors. Located along the edge of the Great Meadow off River Road, the Sunriver Nature Center & Oregon Observatory offers residents and visitors intimate access and programs with a focus on the wonders of nature as well as the heavens above.

Please be mindful of our native neighbors

They have a habit of walking in and across the roadways as if you weren't there. Please do not harass or feed the wildlife or let your dog take chase. A dog who tangles with a protective doe with a fawmight just find themselves on their way to an emergency visit with a veterinarian.

Learn About Sunriver's Wildlife

Nature Center

Sunriver Nature Center

Stroll along forest and marsh habitats and the center's botanical garden to learn about the flora, fauna and ecology of the area's extraordinary environment nestled between the Cascade Mountains and Oregon's High Desert. Here are some of the many highlights at Sunriver Nature Center:

  • Exhibits

  • Nature Trail & Botanical Garden

  • Educational Programs & Lectures

  • Events

Oregon Observatory at Sunriver

View planets, stars and other celestial objects at the Oregon Observatory. The observatory is  home to the largest collection of telescopes for public viewing in the U.S.

Features of the Oregon observatory include:

  • Night Sky Viewing

  • Daytime Solar Viewing

  • School Programs

  • Seasonal Children's Classes

  • Lectures & other Programs 

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